I started the month of September with a strong sense of possibility. On 9/1/2014 I had a vision of the latter half of the year as an open field before me…so much potential…so much to accomplish.

And then by 9/2/2014 the stumbling blocks arrived. It seems fate or the universe had some unforeseen need to test my metal. By the time the second week of the month hit, the stumbling blocks had become brick walls.

  As strong as I strive to be, I am still human. It was and still is more than a bit overwhelming at times. Even as continue working, grinding, hustling… it seems there is a unfailing counter force at work to deter me. But as I write this, the wall firmly at my back, I still take solace in the bright sky above me and warmth of the sun on my face. I can feel my optimism surging.

There will never be a point where there is no obstacle along the path. The walls are part of the journey to get to my greatest self. And because of that I have chosen to not bemoan the path, walls and all, before me. I will take the obstacles as they come and make my way around them. And for the days when the walls seem to become too vast and broad for me to climb, I have packed a sledgehammer to clear the way.

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