My dear Constant Reader,

I want to share a reminder on the power of faith.  And before you turn away, I am not speaking of a religious faith. 

The faith I am speaking of is the faith you have in yourself and the goals and dreams you are pursuing.  The fire that pushs you past your deepest reservations, past your comfort levels, past any fears.  We, wondrous human beings that we are, have the ability to leap into the unknown on nothing but faith and a desire to pursue…create…live a life greater than our present one.

But let’s be clear, many speak of this type of faith, but few have it.  The brags and boosts of social media are just that.  All the Instagram posts on “staying on your grind” and “getting your hustle up” mean nothing without the actions behind it.  Real faith in yourself, your dream, your passion, is what kicks late on a Tuesday night.  After you worked a 10 hours shift at your “9 to 5”, after you’ve gotten your kid to bed and cleaned the kitchen, gotten through your to do lists.  Its that moment when you have the choice to go to sleep or push past and sit down to write…paint…study.  It’s faith that holds strong under the boogie men of self doubt which will undoubtedly kick in at these  moments of exhaustion at days end.

I’m too old for this…

I don’t know what im doing…

I’m not good enough…

I’m not smart enough…

Who the hell cares what I say…do…think…write…

Real faith in yourself will see you through that night and the next and the next. 

No one else maybe believe that I can or should but I do.  I believe.  I push past.  I can do this.
I push past.

I’m afraid but I still believe.

I push past.

I have faith.  Deep to the core, reverent faith, in myself.  I belive in me.

Keep the faith.