My Dear Constant Reader,

This year is already ticking by faster than I would like.  Each day seems shorter and shorter with more and more to get done.  I see my to do list stretching boundless before me.  Even as I mark one thing off, 2 more things are added. 


Last night at dinner I told my husband life would be so much easier if I just didn’t need sleep and worked 24 hours a day.   Of course I was joking…


But seriously I would get so much done. 

Just imagine…with an endless amount of time I would get everything on my to do list done.  Then I would start the new projects that I’ve pushed off for lack of time and energy. 

Even as I write this I feel the octopus in me on the rise at the possibilities.  But I also know from experience pushing that hard just doesn’t work for me.  I have tried the 3-4 hours of sleep, constant motion, pushing past exhaustion type of grind.  The result was I hit the wall harder than I care to remember.  Harder still was the effort it took to pull myself up and get back into the groove after the fact.

I have learned that as much as I want to say yes, sometimes I just have to say no.  If I keep on my grind, the opportunities and projects will continue to present themselves.  And when they do, I will be ready and able to give my best work and self to the opportunity knowing it is the right time.

So my dear friend, my advice as we stand at the begining of a new month is…

Don’t half ass a project now just to say you did it when you could’ve done with greater success if you waited until you and your schedule could commit fully to it. 

Know your limits so you can maximize your strengths. 


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