Happy Endings

And they live happily ever after…

While I would love to wax poetic about happy endings as a romance writer, the realist in me just won’t let me do it.  Call me jaded but for me in real life there are few instances where there is the fairytale happily ever after ending.

And in real life endings aren’t always neat, whether they’re happy endings, or whether they’re sad endings.  -Stephen King

With all conflict and resolution, there is always some change which ultimately occur.  Something must shift within the status quo to make room for the next chapter to being.    A relationship, friendship, way of thinking…must cease to be so something new can take its place.  An while we are happy at the new outcome, as human beings we still lament what was.


That being said I will always want love to win out in the end.  I want the sweet embrace, the tender caress, and the passionate, toe curling kiss.  I can be realistic about what it will take to get there and still want romance to prevail.  I will always want a happy ending.


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