Greatness Awaits

Looking back at 2014, I can say it was not what I had hoped or anticipated.

Did I accomplish all the goals I had set for myself?    No.

It was a struggle. I was knocked on my ass more than once. And while I was able to make some strides, it wasn’t until the latter half of the year before I finally started feeling like I had my legs back under me. And once I did I found a staggering amount of catching-up to be done.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

-William Shakespeare

In hindsight, I can say I was ambitious with little thought towards limits. I had unrealistic expectations as to what I could accomplish in a month, week, a day.

And I really underestimated the amount of sleep I needed in order to function, which in the end ultimately caused me to hit the wall…a few times.

But, the rough year is behind me and I am better for it. It has given me a keen awareness of my limitations, as well as a better gage of my strengths and weaknesses.

So with all that behind me, my hope for the New Year is high. I look at the months stretched out before me with optimism and excitement.

So on day one of 2015, I eagerly stand at the starting line ready to take the year head on.

Greatness awaits and will race ahead to meet it.

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