Getting There In Time

As the New Year approaches a litany of impending deadlines looms before me.

It never fails that by year’s end, I find that I stretched my time beyond repair.  As the months roll by, I am always certain there are still a limitless number of days in which I will be able to catch up on. And then comes December.

Oh dear! Oh dear!  I shall be too late. – The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

From 12/1/2014 on, the tick tock of the days and hours rushing forward, even as I will them to slow down, pushes me to check and recheck dates and lists. I’m left continually asking myself whether I have accomplished within this year all that I could have…should have?

So now, with a little over 2 weeks left in 2014, I have taken the loftiest of my unaccomplished goals for the year and have resolved to fulfill it. I have set my completion deadline for no less than 11:59pm on December 31, 2014.
The passing of each second now booms within me. The White Rabbit runs rampant in my mind at all hours of the day and night. Nonetheless, I will not be deterred.

I may have to ring in the New Year bleary eyed, sleep deprived and with a touch more of the Hatter in me than when I began, but so be it.  I will, as dear Mr. Carroll wrote, “begin at the beginning, and go on till the end: then stop.”

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