Finding the High Road

So, I haven’t written a blog post in a month due having to take care of some necessary, and decidedly less fun, aspects of operating a business. But during my mini hiatus, I have had the opportunity to regroup and come to some very clear decisions not just for myself but for my brand as well.
The first major lesson learned is…
Ask questions and do your homework.
I recently learned the hard lesson of what happens after you do not ask enough questions. When you don’t do your own research or follow blindly into any project, venture, business, etc. you have to be willing to accept the consequences. When later down the road the end product or event is not what you envisioned, you can only hold yourself accountable. What your assumptions or expectations were mean nothing if you never made your voice heard. And believe me, I did have to learn this the hard way…kinda in a brick to the head type of hard way.


Secondly, in this past month I have come to an understanding regarding not just in my business as a writer and artist, but in my day to day as well…
While I cannot control the actions of others, I can most certainly control my own.
Sounds like a simple enough concept to understand I know, but very hard to put in practice when you are faced with the actual. Regardless of how poor others handle themselves, bad mouthing, talking smack, or just plain being unprofessional yourself, resolves nothing. Those negative reactions only serve to become a weight on you and honestly in the big picture of it all, will have no effect.

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As I was in the midst of my frustrations, fighting tooth and nail with myself to remain positive, when I read a blog post by Dale Partridge…
“If you’ve been screwed, release your tension in a healthy way. Talking poorly of others never benefits your situation and it almost always makes it worse. People assume that since you’re willing to share bad information about someone else with them, then you’re willing to share their flaws with others. They don’t feel safe and you’ve successfully pushed even more people away in a time when you need them the most.”  See more at:

Reading that helped to cement my conscious decision that no matter how things rolled out, I was taking the high road (cliché as that may sound). I would choose to always remain professional but more importantly remain positive. I’ve had enough moments in my life were I ended up feeling choked on the resentment and bad thoughts born of others peoples actions. I decided to just let it go, and though it has taken a lot of effort, I feel better; my conscience lighter and more importantly, I have no regrets.
Besides, one thing I believe wholeheartedly is that karma will always level things in the end.

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