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Vanessa Peters

Name:Vanessa Peters
Date of birth:
Born and bred in Brooklyn, I am a Writer and freelance artist of Puerto Rican descent.


As I embark on a journey to complete my first multi-cultural romance novel, I am looking to create a story that reflects the people and the world around me.


We now live in a world that is different from what is seen in books. Interracial relationships, and the challenges associated with them, are rarely presented in literature. With the faces of couples in America changing, and the growing number of interracial relationships rising, this population wants to see itself in books.


I can make a contribution of significance in this genre, not just from the perspective of a trained writer, but from personal experience.


My work as a professional artist focuses on abstract, as well as impressionist paintings and drawings of the human form.


A self-taught artist, I've been engaged in art since childhood, when I began drawing the images I found in my father's old art books. My art captures my vision of my surrounding world and how I see myself in it. It also personifies the human longing - that missing piece that often eludes us in love, friendship, knowledge and creativity.


My extensive art portfolio, is complemented by a BA in Creative Writing from City College, New York.


Contemporary Arts Fair NYC

October 25th- 27th
Contemporary Arts Fair NYC
Red Wall Gallery
Jacob Javits Center North
11th Avenue & 39th Street New York, NY 100014


Vivan Los Muertos! Show

November 1-23
Vivan Los Muertos! Show
Gallery at La Casa Azul Bookstore
143 E 103rd St, New York, NY 10029
Opening Reception Nov. 1st 6pm-8pm

The Casa Latina Home Expo

Novemeber 9
The Casa Latina Home Expo
Altman Building NYC
135 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

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